Do you wish to personalize your new Reg Barber Coffee tamper with your name or company logo? Reg Barber can permanently etch your logo or name onto your tamper with high-quality precision laser etching.

If you supply artwork or a logo for engraving, please follow these specifications:

  1. Artwork must be in TIFF, BMP or JPEG format
  2. Minimum resolution 300 DPI (pixels per inch). Note that very fine detail at resolutions of 600 DPI and higher may not reproduce well as an engraving.
  3. If you don't wish to choose a type style we will choose one for you.
  4. Bear in mind that the white Delron top is a circle with a 25mm diameter (1 inch). Your artwork or type should be chosen to reproduce well at this size.

Please Note:
All tampers are engraved with the Reg Barber logo unless otherwise ordered. Reg Barber cannot be held responsible for Custom Engraved Logo's. We will engrave your logo you send to us to the best of our ability but we cannot make guarantee's.