Tall Anodized Blue tamper

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Reg Barber chose the anodizing technique for it's durability. The colour is classy too. Custom engraving looks brilliant with all the Reg Barber coffee tampers!

Reg Barber offers four different base materials for you to choose from.

Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion and is a heavier metal. It is the recommended base material at RB.

Aluminum is a softer metal which possesses the ability to resist corrosion.

Brass is a durable metal that is relatively resistant to tarnishing. It is used for decorative purposes due to it's bright gold appearance. It is not as dense as stainless but minutely heavier.

Copper is the heaviest metal we offer for bases. It is aesthetically pleasing. It requires the most maintenance to care for and is a very soft metal.

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Price: CA$89.00


Reg Barber's hand-made tall Anodized Blue handle.

The tamper handles have the option to add an inlayed crown (delron).

The tamper bases (6061) are available in all sizes from 40.0mm to 59.9mm including decimals: eg. 56.5mm or 57.3mm. Please also choose your favorite base shape from the following; Flat, C-Flat, US curve, Euro curve, Ripple and C-Ripple.

For custom engraving, please send us your logo. For details.

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